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ipad repairing

iphone Repair

Nepal apple support Offer’s Apple iPhone Repairs completely by Certified Technicians who can fix your broken iPhone’s LCD screen or any hardware and software issue that comes in your phone. IPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 X, 11 12 all Pro or Max with every problem. We have all faced problems with our iPhones at some point or the other when we least expected it.

ipad Repair

iPads are now not just a gadget but they have become a necessity. We can’t imagine our world without these advanced electronic devices. If you have damaged your tablet and are looking for a technician to help so you can continue enjoying it, look no further. At Nepal apple support, we have an expert team to help you with your iPad.

mac spare parts

MacBook Repair

From malfunctioning screens and glitchy buttons/switches to dying batteries and loose connections, here at Nepal apple support we have seen it all, and can give you a thorough and accurate diagnosis of your Macbook’s problems, what repairs are needed to resolve the issues, how long it will take, and an accurate quote for the services. Before you decide to turn your Macbook in for a completely different refurbished device (i.e. not new) and wait several weeks for the return, 

IMac repair

The iMac is a range of all-in-one Macintosh desktop computers designed and built by Apple Inc. It has been the primary part of Apple’s consumer desktop offerings since its introduction in 1998, and has evolved through four distinct forms. In its original form, the iMac G3, the iMac was gum drop- or egg-shaped with a CRT monitor, mainly enclosed by colored, translucent plastic. The second major revision, the iMac G4, moved to a design of a hemispherical base containing all the main components and an LCD monitor on a freely moving arm attached to the top of the base. 

iwatch repairing

Apple Watch Repair

Apple Watch is a beautiful example of seamless integration of fitness, tracking, health-oriented capabilities and telecommunication. It works both with and without your iPhone to provide a great user experience and keeps you connected without having to look at your phone for every little notification. This great look and design doesn’t make it impervious to damages though. Since the iWatch is mainly on your wrist, it is exposed to elements where physical damage is always a possibility. It’s a scary thought but worry not.

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